Why Yellow?

I enjoy colorful things.

I’m like color. I’m not much of a fan of all the trendy rainbow patterns, I’m a bit more plain than that. Yellow is bright. Vivid. It also requires an awful lot of light to be visible to the human eye and can kind of cause eyestrain, but hey, not everything can be perfect. But yellow — Yellow comes close.

Yellow in all of it’s bright glory.

Yellow captures your attention.

It’s everywhere. It’s warm, cheerful, and inviting. Advertisers have found that children are drawn to the color yellow, which is probably why there’s so much yellow in the toy isle.

A children’s toy isle in Walmart. That LEGO display is immediately noticeable. Thanks, yellow!

It’s around during every season.

Some colors you stop and think, “Gee, I like that color, but, it’s a little too Christmas-y” (I’m looking at you, red!). Yellow though, no. Yellow is very versatile. Decorating for Spring? You’ve got lemons. Summertime? Sunflowers. Autumn? Crunchy fall leaves. Winter too? Easy — Christmas lights, stars, and ornaments. I can decorate, wear, and accessorize with yellow any time of the year.

Yellow fall leaves on display.

Yellow makes you feel things.

Psychologists have done countless studies on colors (like this one) and their psychological effect and while I’ll go more in depth another time, the gist of it is: Yellow makes babies cry if there’s too much of it, but, if there’s too little of yellow, it can cause feelings of isolation, fear, insecurity, and low self-esteem.

So, Why yellow?

Because I want to learn some neat facts about yellow and share them with others.